Nerve! 🤗What are “Nerve Glides”? How do we do them? Why do we do them????... . Nerve glides, nerve “flossing”, are directed at helping a nerve (in this case the Median Nerve) to move better. This relates to the nerve mobility or “neurodynamics”. Many times Carpal Tunnel, hand weakness, shoulder pain, forearm ache, numbness in … Continue reading NERVE GLIDES- WHAT ARE THEY HOW DO WE DO THEM…


Treatments for neck/shoulder/Arm pain

Neck pain? Elbow pain? Forearm pain? Hand numbness? It may all be coming from the same spot! . Many times forearm pain, elbow pain, hand tingling or weakness is assumed to be coming from only local tissue/issues such as “Carpal tunnel” syndrome, elbow tendonitis, even rotator cuff... but for many people the ORIGIN, or the … Continue reading Treatments for neck/shoulder/Arm pain


TRX to the rescue!     Continuing on my last post, the TRX is one of my favorite products I use at home for training. There are a few versions of the TRX, but they all can be modified to take with you. You may need to purchase a few attachments if you get a … Continue reading TRX!

PT & Fitness Products for home gyms

Fitness products Here is a short list of some basic, cheap$$, user friendly tools that I personally love, and suggest to fellow athletes and patients for recovery, training, and rehabilitation. 1.Large Foam roll: many sizes, I usually scour Amazon for a cheap, durable one, I prefer the longer length as it is easier to use … Continue reading PT & Fitness Products for home gyms


Part 2 on rest breaks at work! . Same deal as before- sitting should not be demonized- rather NOT moving & ANY prolonged static positions is more of a factor. Sitting may bring about more issues because often we “disengage” and lose sight of what our bodies are doing in space - a forward head … Continue reading STRETCHES AT WORK PART 2: Neck/Shoulders


Take a break at work and MOVE! Sitting prolonged in one static position can contribute to tight and stiff tissue surrounding the neck, shoulders, back, hips... . Sitting is NOT the culprit- it’s NOT moving enough. Prolonged static positions can inhibit natural mobility, blood flow within our bodies, our joints, our tissues... “Motion is Lotion” … Continue reading STRETCH BREAKS AT WORK


When should you stretch? How long? Things change, bodies change, research changes... These are my two guiding principles: Keep it simple. Be consistent. 1) If you sit all day- you should probably do some type of MOBILITY work at least once a day. Walk, yoga, swim... MOVE! Our joints, cartilage, tissues rely on movement to … Continue reading STRETCHING 101


  SQUATTING AND KNEE PAIN?? Often, pain around the front of knee felt during squatting, stair stepping, and landing can be alleviated by shifting weight off the forefoot and more into the heels, as well as not allowing the knees to collapse in. .. I like to cue with “sit your hips back” and “keep … Continue reading SQUATS AND KNEE PAIN


WORDS MATTER. Education is 🔑 One thing I dislike as a PT is when patients come to see me after being told they have “degenerative disc disease”, or “arthritis” & there’s no changing it. My goal: educate patients, and not label them based upon their injury- Even more so, using specific “trigger” words can actually … Continue reading EDUCATING PATIENTS BETTER

Time saving workouts at home!

No gym? No problem!  Many of us as athletes don’t have the time or $$ to spend in the gym- but it should not be neglected as it is an INTEGRAL and under appreciated aspect to your training & overall health!!! Whether you are training at an elite level, recovering from ACL surgery, trying to … Continue reading Time saving workouts at home!