MRI results- do we rely on them too much?

40% of asymptomatic overhead athletes had significant rotator cuff tears upon MRI. These athletes had NO pain or symptoms yet had an MRI showing tears... what does that tell us?? . . 1) Getting an MRI isn’t a cure, nor is it even relevant for many. We need to wean ourself from the mindset that: … Continue reading MRI results- do we rely on them too much?


Mind over matter

Mindset. Some of my best PRs on the bike have been hours into a ride when physiologically I should have been too tired and too depleted to be climbing that fast, pushing as many watts, feeling that “good”... . Anyone else had similar experiences? . What it tells me is that the mind is a … Continue reading Mind over matter


Consistency. That’s the key: Winning races. Staying injury free. Recovering well. . Sporadic sh-t gets you sporadic results. . Dose your exercises, your PT, your training, your strength work like you would any medicine. . You take half the recommend dosage or take it willy nilly??? Guess what- you’ll get sick again. And again. . … Continue reading CONSISTENCY


Nerve! 🤗What are “Nerve Glides”? How do we do them? Why do we do them????... . Nerve glides, nerve “flossing”, are directed at helping a nerve (in this case the Median Nerve) to move better. This relates to the nerve mobility or “neurodynamics”. Many times Carpal Tunnel, hand weakness, shoulder pain, forearm ache, numbness in … Continue reading NERVE GLIDES- WHAT ARE THEY HOW DO WE DO THEM…

Treatments for neck/shoulder/Arm pain

Neck pain? Elbow pain? Forearm pain? Hand numbness? It may all be coming from the same spot! . Many times forearm pain, elbow pain, hand tingling or weakness is assumed to be coming from only local tissue/issues such as “Carpal tunnel” syndrome, elbow tendonitis, even rotator cuff... but for many people the ORIGIN, or the … Continue reading Treatments for neck/shoulder/Arm pain


TRX to the rescue!     Continuing on my last post, the TRX is one of my favorite products I use at home for training. There are a few versions of the TRX, but they all can be modified to take with you. You may need to purchase a few attachments if you get a … Continue reading TRX!

PT & Fitness Products for home gyms

Fitness products Here is a short list of some basic, cheap$$, user friendly tools that I personally love, and suggest to fellow athletes and patients for recovery, training, and rehabilitation. 1.Large Foam roll: many sizes, I usually scour Amazon for a cheap, durable one, I prefer the longer length as it is easier to use … Continue reading PT & Fitness Products for home gyms


Part 2 on rest breaks at work! . Same deal as before- sitting should not be demonized- rather NOT moving & ANY prolonged static positions is more of a factor. Sitting may bring about more issues because often we “disengage” and lose sight of what our bodies are doing in space - a forward head … Continue reading STRETCHES AT WORK PART 2: Neck/Shoulders


Take a break at work and MOVE! Sitting prolonged in one static position can contribute to tight and stiff tissue surrounding the neck, shoulders, back, hips... . Sitting is NOT the culprit- it’s NOT moving enough. Prolonged static positions can inhibit natural mobility, blood flow within our bodies, our joints, our tissues... “Motion is Lotion” … Continue reading STRETCH BREAKS AT WORK


When should you stretch? How long? Things change, bodies change, research changes... These are my two guiding principles: Keep it simple. Be consistent. 1) If you sit all day- you should probably do some type of MOBILITY work at least once a day. Walk, yoga, swim... MOVE! Our joints, cartilage, tissues rely on movement to … Continue reading STRETCHING 101