I had a fellow cyclist/ultra runner friend ask me if Burpees ever get any easier after reading my workout I posted the other day....why YES they do!     Just like with any other sport or exercise, practice makes perfect. Things to note with a Burpee- they are plyometric exercises, so they are typically more … Continue reading BURPEES!


Breakfast of Champions

Love this easy go to before a workout or bike ride. Super seed blend has: Buckwheat, millet, quinoa, flax seed, hemp seed & amaranth. Chock full of protein, healthy Omega fats, carbs, fiber, easy to digest, easy to make and super tasty! Also #glutenfree for anyone who doesn't do gluten! I put about 3-4 Tbsp … Continue reading Breakfast of Champions


Here is part one of my low back strength and mobility series... LOW BACK EXERCISES 1) Move. Sitting shouldn’t be demonized, it’s NOT moving that is the problem. We are too sedentary. Our tissue and joints need movement to keep them hydrated! Squat more, take the stairs more, move it! At work I usually have … Continue reading LOW BACK SERIES

Sports in your 30’s, 40’s and beyond

For many of us the familiar routine of exercise and sports has a definite shift as we exit our 20's. On a personal (and professional) level I have noticed that not only have my athletic interests shifted but also the way I approach them as I have gotten older. All of us, even those without … Continue reading Sports in your 30’s, 40’s and beyond

Foam Roll & Relax

This is me. Pretty much everyday. If you find me in the clinic with a free moment in between patients you will often find me either 1) checking Instagram or 2)like this... I love this stretch. Why???? We sit, flexed ALL damn day. Hunched over, slouched, on the computer, driving, texting, watching TV, exercising( talking … Continue reading Foam Roll & Relax

Is Running Bad for You???

Is Running BAD for you??? That’s like asking if bobsledding or Field Hockey is bad for you? They’re all sports, all require a level of skill, patience, adaptation. And #truth - not everyone can do them WELL. But NONE are inherently BAD! Running often gets vilified as “bad” for knees, causes arthritis. Nope. Longitudinal studies … Continue reading Is Running Bad for You???

Training Specificity

Training Specificity: A part of your training should have you working in the positions that closely mimic your sport. This recent UCSF Sports Medicine conference highlights some strength and conditioning work for return to sport for Football- but it applies to every sport! As stated in their handout- "Make the exercise fit the sport". Secondarily- … Continue reading Training Specificity

Self mobilize with the Peanut!

Favorite Massage Tool: the Peanut🥜🥜🥜 Easy to make, travel tool, for self mobilization/massage for neck shoulder, back. Super easy to DIY: 2 used tennis balls + some tape= Tennis Ball Peanut.🥜 🎾🎾 Great for my athletes who travel & can’t take a foam roll with them to races or work and travel away from home. … Continue reading Self mobilize with the Peanut!

Rock Tape uses and practicality in sports

RockTape. LOW risk, with potentially HIGH reward for my clients. Worst case scenario, it doesn’t help. Best case scenario- it reduces pain, edema, & is a catalyst for return to activity. My patient graciously allowed me to share his story. A traumatic work injury severed tendons in his forearm. After surgery & months of PT … Continue reading Rock Tape uses and practicality in sports