Take a break at work and MOVE! Sitting prolonged in one static position can contribute to tight and stiff tissue surrounding the neck, shoulders, back, hips... . Sitting is NOT the culprit- it’s NOT moving enough. Prolonged static positions can inhibit natural mobility, blood flow within our bodies, our joints, our tissues... “Motion is Lotion”... Continue Reading →



When should you stretch? How long? Things change, bodies change, research changes... These are my two guiding principles: Keep it simple. Be consistent. 1) If you sit all day- you should probably do some type of MOBILITY work at least once a day. Walk, yoga, swim... MOVE! Our joints, cartilage, tissues rely on movement to... Continue Reading →

Shoulder workout

Our shoulders are incredibly mobile & encompass several joints actually. They are interdependent upon our neck, chest wall, and thoracic spine (mid back)... Whether you are sitting at a computer, benching heavy, riding a bike, or participating in overhead throwing sports your shoulders are pretty much always at work. But how often do we actually... Continue Reading →

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