Self mobilize with the Peanut!

Favorite Massage Tool: the Peanut🥜🥜🥜 Easy to make, travel tool, for self mobilization/massage for neck shoulder, back. Super easy to DIY: 2 used tennis balls + some tape= Tennis Ball Peanut.🥜 🎾🎾 Great for my athletes who travel & can’t take a foam roll with them to races or work and travel away from home. … Continue reading Self mobilize with the Peanut!


Rock Tape uses and practicality in sports

RockTape. LOW risk, with potentially HIGH reward for my clients. Worst case scenario, it doesn’t help. Best case scenario- it reduces pain, edema, & is a catalyst for return to activity. My patient graciously allowed me to share his story. A traumatic work injury severed tendons in his forearm. After surgery & months of PT … Continue reading Rock Tape uses and practicality in sports

Bike Therapy

My bike is my therapy. Physical- maybe. Mental- definitely.😉 Maybe we should give more people bikes instead of drugs to feel better... #getmoving #getoutandride #dowork#backonthegrind

It’s all relative…

Fridays are typically light training days for me on the bike and light at work. End of a heavy week with patients and my own training makes for a very welcome Friday cruise on the bike. This week especially my body has been saying, take it easy, you are due for a rest. Our bodies … Continue reading It’s all relative…

MRI results- do we rely on them too much?

40% of asymptomatic overhead athletes had significant rotator cuff tears upon MRI. These athletes had NO pain or symptoms yet had an MRI showing tears... what does that tell us?? . . 1) Getting an MRI isn’t a cure, nor is it even relevant for many. We need to wean ourself from the mindset that: … Continue reading MRI results- do we rely on them too much?

Mind over matter

Mindset. Some of my best PRs on the bike have been hours into a ride when physiologically I should have been too tired and too depleted to be climbing that fast, pushing as many watts, feeling that “good”... . Anyone else had similar experiences? . What it tells me is that the mind is a … Continue reading Mind over matter


Consistency. That’s the key: Winning races. Staying injury free. Recovering well. . Sporadic sh-t gets you sporadic results. . Dose your exercises, your PT, your training, your strength work like you would any medicine. . You take half the recommend dosage or take it willy nilly??? Guess what- you’ll get sick again. And again. . … Continue reading CONSISTENCY


Nerve! 🤗What are “Nerve Glides”? How do we do them? Why do we do them????... . Nerve glides, nerve “flossing”, are directed at helping a nerve (in this case the Median Nerve) to move better. This relates to the nerve mobility or “neurodynamics”. Many times Carpal Tunnel, hand weakness, shoulder pain, forearm ache, numbness in … Continue reading NERVE GLIDES- WHAT ARE THEY HOW DO WE DO THEM…

Treatments for neck/shoulder/Arm pain

Neck pain? Elbow pain? Forearm pain? Hand numbness? It may all be coming from the same spot! . Many times forearm pain, elbow pain, hand tingling or weakness is assumed to be coming from only local tissue/issues such as “Carpal tunnel” syndrome, elbow tendonitis, even rotator cuff... but for many people the ORIGIN, or the … Continue reading Treatments for neck/shoulder/Arm pain


TRX to the rescue!     Continuing on my last post, the TRX is one of my favorite products I use at home for training. There are a few versions of the TRX, but they all can be modified to take with you. You may need to purchase a few attachments if you get a … Continue reading TRX!