You don’t need a fancy gym to get strength work in. So why is it hard for many athletes to appreciate the importance of adding in strength work to their training program?? In other words why bother with gym days? Why do I stress the importance of knowing how to do a correct squat, kettlebell … Continue reading MOVE THAT BOOTY



How do you measure your progress? This was from my workout today. My max watts are quite small compared to most people, esp. as a small person who weighs 104 lbs (on a good day)-but the point of putting my own data up here is to be completely transparent & show you that for me- … Continue reading GOALS= MEASURABLE +CONSISTENCY-B.S.

Let’s get off our butts more

Cyclists I’m talking to you especially. 🍑 . You can’t sit at your computer all day, and then sit in your car, and then sit on a bike, and expect your body to be perfectly functional. #sorrynotsorry . Human bodies weren’t built to be sitting, statically, stacking our spines all day. This can lend itself … Continue reading Let’s get off our butts more

Wheelie do your strength work

If you aren’t doing at least 2 x week of Strength work- you’re not doing enough. There I said it. 1x week? Don’t care who you are or how old you are or what your goals are- NOT enough... . Athlete, professional, elite, competitive, weekend warrior, couch potato, roadie, cross country, ultra runner, track cyclist … Continue reading Wheelie do your strength work

Soreness & Strength Work

If you are new to starting up a strength and conditioning program and you are waking up the next day feeling sore- that’s normal. . Quite expected to feel sore the day after and even 2-3 days after starting any new strength program. Normal feelings would be some mild achiness in anywhere from the shoulders, … Continue reading Soreness & Strength Work

Proper form for kettlebell swings

If I could own 1 piece of gym equipment it would be a Kettlebell. . One of my favorite exercises is the classic Kettlebell Swing. Many variations, also many ways this exercise can go wrong if not done correctly. . Targets glutes, back, core, trunk, arms... every part of your body. . Mistakes can happen … Continue reading Proper form for kettlebell swings


I had a fellow cyclist/ultra runner friend ask me if Burpees ever get any easier after reading my workout I posted the other day....why YES they do!     Just like with any other sport or exercise, practice makes perfect. Things to note with a Burpee- they are plyometric exercises, so they are typically more … Continue reading BURPEES!

Breakfast of Champions

Love this easy go to before a workout or bike ride. Super seed blend has: Buckwheat, millet, quinoa, flax seed, hemp seed & amaranth. Chock full of protein, healthy Omega fats, carbs, fiber, easy to digest, easy to make and super tasty! Also #glutenfree for anyone who doesn't do gluten! I put about 3-4 Tbsp … Continue reading Breakfast of Champions


Here is part one of my low back strength and mobility series... LOW BACK EXERCISES 1) Move. Sitting shouldn’t be demonized, it’s NOT moving that is the problem. We are too sedentary. Our tissue and joints need movement to keep them hydrated! Squat more, take the stairs more, move it! At work I usually have … Continue reading LOW BACK SERIES

Sports in your 30’s, 40’s and beyond

For many of us the familiar routine of exercise and sports has a definite shift as we exit our 20's. On a personal (and professional) level I have noticed that not only have my athletic interests shifted but also the way I approach them as I have gotten older. All of us, even those without … Continue reading Sports in your 30’s, 40’s and beyond