Banana Oat Bites 

These bars have been my pre and post go to snack for my longer rides. I always prefer to fuel with real foods, although a good protein shake isn’t bad if you are in a time crunch or out of town,racing, etc. Optimal absorption especially for women post workout is getting in a good amount of protein within that first 30minutes. This aids with transport of carbs and help to rebuild and restore muscle tissue. A good carb to protein ratio of 2:1 or 3:1 will also help with speeding up recovery. Whether pre or post workout- these bites are easy to grab and full of complex carbs, protein, fiber, and yes even some tasty sugar in the form of honey.

*Additional : I will supplement 1-2tbsp of almond butter if I want a more dense bite with a bit more fat after a longer ride where I’m more depleted.

* Additional : I can add 3tbsp of organic whey protein powder to add more protein into the mix to make my 3:1 carb:protein ratio.

Fiber in the oats helps to fuel that slower release of energy and in general helps with the body utilizing the carbs as well. Author and athlete Stacy Sims has a wonderful book on female specific training and nutrition entitled “Roar”, I highly recommend anyone who wants more training nutrition tips to check it out!

Mind you I am no cook- I can barely make cereal- so anytime I stumble upon a healthy and easy to prep recipe I’m stoked to share it with friends and fellow athletes! Packed with healthy complex carbs for longer fueling, some simple sugars that can break down easily into your system for energy, and some healthy dose of protein for a more sustained energy burning system….

Ingredient list is SO simple!

1) 1-2 bananas organic preferred,soft and very ripe. Approx 135 calories, 4g fiber, good source of potassium!

2) 1-1.5cups steel cut or any oats- I use a gluten free steel cut oats. Approx 600 calories, 100g carbs, 16g fiber

3)1-3 tbsp honey. I’m lucky my parents have a bee hive in their backyard! Nothing beats fresh local honey. Approx 130 calories, 34g carbs simple.

Pour ingredients into a bowl and mash bananas into an oatmeal paste, drizzling in honey last.

Place a dollop of oat mash onto a tray, ok to prep tray with a bit of coconut oil so they don’t stick

Should yield about 10 cookie bites

Preheat oven to 350- cooking time 15minutes.

Each bite is under 100 calories- but full of great healthy stuff.

Voila!!!! The tastiest most healthiest and low fat yummy and workout bars – EVER!


2 thoughts on “Banana Oat Bites 

  1. Dara, these sound great! You must be thinking of our future bee farm, coming up soon! Our hive died, not uncommon, I am afraid….but we are getting 2 more soon!! lynnie >


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