Shoulder workout

Our shoulders are incredibly mobile & encompass several joints actually. They are interdependent upon our neck, chest wall, and thoracic spine (mid back)... Whether you are sitting at a computer, benching heavy, riding a bike, or participating in overhead throwing sports your shoulders are pretty much always at work. But how often do we actually... Continue Reading →


WOD: Workouts for Cyclists

I love riding my bike. So do many of my friends and patients. One key component to maintaining power on the bike- is to NOT just bike all the time. 😀 . I’ve learned the hard way how overtraining and neglecting deficits in my own mobility and strength can negatively impact my sport, and also... Continue Reading →

PT perspective on “barefoot” running

Running barefoot requires very good foot stability and strength, and an already strong background in running or sports that involve running.  The foot needs to be adequately prepared for the loading forces(easily 3x body weight) with a foot now unsupported by a shoe.  Most patients of mine have not spent adequate time walking and doing activities barefoot, so this... Continue Reading →

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